CHAM hosts webinars to provide the asset management industry with cutting edge information about best practices and trends. The webinars are presented in partnership with the LISC Institute.

Stress Testing Your Portfolio: Asset Managers Coping with COVID-19

Leading syndicators and owners of mission-based affordable housing demonstrate sensitivity analyses to create portfolio scenarios to help manage the crisis.

During the COVID-19 crisis, asset managers of mission-oriented affordable housing are needed now more than ever. We have seen how data analysis is critical to crisis management. Our field is uniquely positioned to provide the leadership and expertise needed to protect our nation's affordable housing resources.

This webinar is essential for asset managers and CFOs responsible for mission-oriented affordable multifamily housing portfolios and professionals who support the industry. This includes nonprofit and for-profit owners, PHAs, syndicators, investors, lenders and government. 

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LISC Boston's Green and Healthy Work

LISC Boston created the Green Retrofit Initiative to help multifamily affordable housing owners build their capacity to implement energy efficient and clean energy technology, transition to safer cleaning products and pest management techniques, and go smoke-free in their buildings.

Since 2010, LISC Boston has worked with over 50 for-profit, nonprofit, and public affordable housing owners statewide. They published the Green + Healthy Property Management Guide and related resources to provide our affordable housing partners with a basis for an open discussion with their property managers about green and healthy goals, implementation of those goals, and ongoing oversight of the properties’ energy and water performance. 

This webinar gives an overview of LISC green + healthy resource toolkit, and discusses promising program design, policy recommendations, and learning networks that can help support affordable housing owners in achieving greener and healthier buildings for themselves and their residents.

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An Eviction Prevention Toolkit: Using a Financial Capability Approach to Prevent Evictions

The presenters discuss the value of operating an Eviction Prevention Program, provide basic information about program structuring, give examples of existing programs and provide insights to help you create or revise an existing program.

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CHAM: Pursuing Stronger Tenancy for Stronger Properties

Have you been looking for a way to connect affordable housing with the healthcare sector, financial literacy, workforce training and educational opportunities?

This webinar highlights the work of three organizations on the forefront of a new and expanded commitment to resident services. Hear about LISC’s national network for Financial Opportunity Centers that helps under-resourced communities gain the skills they need to achieve financial stability and the “Bridges” program that targets career readiness; Winn Property Management’s “Connected Communities” that uses “prop tech” to connect resident to economic mobility, education, employment, health and housing; and, POAH’s client centered Family Self Sufficiency Program that has links financial incentives with financial education, counseling and coaching, budgeting and savings to improve credit scores, increase household income, reduce unemployment and increase savings. 

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