This crisis has underscored the need for asset managers to have accurate and timely information about property and portfolio performance. But CHAM’s annual survey found that 40% of asset managers are using Excel and half are thinking about purchasing some kind of software. If you are one of these people, this webinar is for you. Elaine Magil of TCAM lays out a framework for how to assess and think about technology needs including document storage, data management, risk rating, and reporting.

She advises to think about these questions as you explore your options:

  • What do you need your system to do?
  • How hard will it be to get fully set up?
  • Will it play nicely with other systems you already use?
  • How can you ensure the investment in your company’s time and money will be worthwhile?
  • Would automating your reporting and document storage help you realize efficiencies that will save your organization money?


Elaine Magil

Director of the Advisory & Transactions Process
TCAM, an MRI Company