In today’s competitive job market, crafting accurate and compelling job descriptions is crucial to attracting top talent. That’s why CHAM has curated a collection of asset manager job descriptions to serve as templates. Use our samples to simplify your recruitment efforts and enhance your chances of finding the perfect fit for their organization.

Our templates focus on four typical affordable housing asset management positions:

  • Asset Management Analyst
  • Asset Manager
  • Senior Asset Manager
  • Director or Vice President of Asset Management

For each position, the guide includes general responsibilities, general qualifications and some special responsibilities of the following three sectors:

  • Mission-Based Owners (for profit, nonprofit, public housing authorities)
  • Affordable Housing Lender/Regulator
  • Affordable Housing Syndicator/Investor

We are providing the templates in Word with minimal formatting so employers can customize these templates for their own needs. Please edit them so they accurately reflect your requirements and expectations. Users are advised to consult with their human resources or legal department to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Typical Asset Management Positions

Asset Management Analyst

Responsible for monitoring, reporting and helping to achieve property performance goals through analysis and due diligence.

Asset Manager

Responsible for assuring the long-range achievement of financial, physical and regulatory (compliance) benchmarks established for a portfolio of properties.

Senior Asset Manager

Different roles possible: responsible for a team of asset managers and asset management analysts; assigned a portfolio of “special assets” that present specific risks or opportunities; responsible for creating and implementing asset management policies and processes.

Director or Vice President
of Asset Management

Responsible for overseeing the organization’s successful delivery of the financial, compliance and operational objectives it has established for its portfolio; and directs an asset management team that collaborates across the organization and with a broad range of stakeholders.

We hope both job seekers and employers find these templates a valuable resource. Thanks to the several employers who shared their job descriptions for this project and to Viva Consulting for crafting the samples.

Need more information about the asset manager profession? Check out our Career FAQs. And see the CHAM Career Center for asset manager job listings from across the country, from entry-level or executive roles.

Disclaimer: The sample job descriptions provided are for reference purposes only and may not be suitable for all situations. It is important to tailor job descriptions to specific roles and organizations so they accurately reflect the requirements and expectations of the job position being advertised. Users are advised to consult with their human resources or legal department to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations when using or modifying this sample job description. By using this sample job description, the user acknowledges and agrees to the terms of this disclaimer.