CHAM’s Course Pathway

Follow our course path from Asset Management Specialist Certificate to Certified Housing Asset Manager with elective classes in between.

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Through its educational programs, CHAM advances best practices that help the affordable housing industry maintain the long-term strength and viability of their assets.

Asset management at its essence is a strategic and analytical profession requiring specialized skills. Two certifications are offered that take learners through the process of attaining the knowledge and skills in a progression that builds their careers.


Asset Management Specialist Certificate

The Asset Management Specialist (AMS) courses start with the fundamentals and then teach how to apply the knowledge using real-life examples.


Certified Housing Asset Manager®

The Certified Housing Asset Manager® (CHAM) courses teach advanced financial and analytical skills and techniques that the learner then applies to one of their own properties.

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The courses I took to earn my CHAM certificate were extremely enlightening and interactive, and I was able to use what I learned in my everyday asset management role. What’s more, prospective employers were impressed with the CHAM certificate, which has definitely helped propel my career.

Alicia Bramble

CEO and Founder, Opportunity Real Estate Services