Evaluating Your Real Estate and Your Options

It is a tough time for mission-oriented owners of affordable housing.  Owners are faced with enormous operating challenges at both the portfolio and organizational levels.

Should they raise rents? Cut resident services? Evict nonpayers? Self-insure? Draw down reserves? All of these choices are unpalatable. At the same time, many markets have demand driving up the sales value of properties, and additional funds could help shore up an organization or resource services. Yet, these affordable units are hard-won and a critical treasure!

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to properly value your properties and consider your options.

This webinar discusses the techniques and parameters used to evaluate these imminent choices. You will hear first-hand reports from organizations that chose to sell or restructure assets, discover what they negotiated, how they did it, and learn how to apply it. 




Harold Nassau

CHAM Board President and Senior Director of Asset Management, NeighborWorks America

Panelists include

Beth Mullen

Partner & Affordable Housing Industry Leader, CohnReznick

Matt Kurzmann

Senior National Director, Affordable Housing Advisors

Alfred Arzuaga

President, The Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corp

Jason Kelley

Chief Financial Officer, Thirty Capital