This webinar addresses a situation that is challenging for both tenants and affordable housing providers. Poor housekeeping on a tenant’s part can become a liability for a landlord. A unit that doesn’t meet Housing Quality Standards can lose its subsidy, and resulting smells and vermin can cause adjacent tenants to take action against their landlord. This is especially true in the case of tenants who are hoarders. In these situations, it is critical for property management and resident services to work together, and asset managers may need to implement new policies and procedures.

At this webinar, affordable housing operators will hear expert guidance on how to deal sensitively with the needs of these tenants and also minimize risk from lost subsidies and habitability lawsuits. This complex issue will be addressed from multiple perspectives – asset management, property management, residents services, risk management and legal.


Theresa C. Becerra

Senior Counsel, Pahl & McCay

Kayne Doumani

Principal, DAM Asset Management for Affordable Housing

Julianna Stuart

Vice President, Community Housing, Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)