It has been said in housing asset management that it all comes back to the real estate.  While it is true that the real estate is the main focus, the property management of the asset is what often determines the success or failure of a real estate investment.

This webinar examined property management through the eyes of the affordable housing asset manager. What performance metrics should we use? How do we handle the sometimes tough conversations? How do we let property staff know they are appreciated?  Ultimately, what can we do to help them the team be successful?

The presenters had two different viewpoints –owner/operators and investors/lenders. Sabrina Waytes, who works at The Community Builders, shared the perspective of the owner/operator, where she oversees TCB’s portfolio of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit communities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Ken Schaefer from Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing spoke from his experience as an asset manager working for an investor, where his responsibilities include oversight of property budgets, financial reports to investors, physical property inspections and compliance documentation.

Sabrina and Ken are long-time friends of CHAM and have achieved their Certified Housing Asset Manager designation, and have extensive experience in asset management, affordable housing, community development and real estate finance.

Why listen to this webinar? Take it from the participants:

  •  “It was good to know that we are on the right track and we intend to better refine these metrics.  Insight from the investor’s point of view was excellent additional information that can be passed on to our operations team as well.”
  •  “I have new ideas for how to formalize our in house asset management program and coordination with property management.”>
  • “I got tips and best practices on property management communication, support, and monitoring that will be very valuable.”


Harold Nassau

Senior Director of Asset Management
NeighborWorks America


Ken Schaeffer

Asset Manager
Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing

Sabrina Waytes

Asset Manager
The Community Builders