Watch List properties are inevitable in the world of housing, but how you deal with those properties can help influence the success of your organization. One of the key pieces to help improve a watch list property is close oversight and a strong action plan. 

At the CHAM webinar on January 13, 2021, expert advice was shared on how an action plan is created and implemented by various partners in the affordable housing world. Whether an owner, or an asset manager for or a syndicator, lender or investor, the basic process is the same:

  • Start Early
  • Identify All Areas of Concern
  • Identify Underlying Issues
  • Make Projections
  • Implement Plan

Amin Irving from Ginosko Development Company and Kyle Culotta from Gorman & Company presented how a general partner oversees their affordable housing portfolio and how they address troubled properties. Mike Witt of Cinniare and Jordan Abboud of Midwest Housing Equity Group talked about how their organizations as syndicators use action plans to stabilize watch list properties and get them back on the path to success. Mark Lenhardt of JP Morgan will discussed watch list properties through the eyes of an investor and what things they key in on when reviewing their portfolio. 


Ryan Robinson

Executive Vice President,
Operations & Corporate
Risk Management,


Jordan Abboud

VP of Asset Management
Midwest Housing Equity Group

Kyle Culotta

Director of Asset Management
Gorman & Company

Amin Irving

President & CEO
Ginosko Development Company

Mark Lenhardt

Executive Director
JP Morgan Tax Oriented Investments

Mike Witt

VP of Asset Management