Advanced Financial Tools for Asset Managers is the first of two required courses for earning the Certified Housing Asset Manager® designation. It teaches advanced financial analysis topics of interest to affordable housing asset managers. You will master a range of techniques to measure the profitability of multifamily real estate and options for refinancing a property’s debt and dive into LIHTC issues and concepts.

This course is offered both in-person and virtually by NeighborWorks America. The in-person courses are offered at the NeighborWorks America Training Institutes over the course of three days. The virtual courses are offered at the Virtual Training Institutes and are broken in two parts (AM321VC/AM322VC). Each part includes lively 90-minute sessions over a four-week period. You’ll have the ability to interact with your peers and expert faculty to explore how to apply the knowledge to your organization’s unique situation. A variety of online tools will enhance your learning and facilitate your coursework. Since Part 2 builds on what you learn in Part 1, you must take the virtual classes in order.

Test: Successful completion of a test at the end of this class is required for the Certified Housing Asset Manager designation.  

Prerequisites: Completion of the Asset Management Specialist (AMS) designation. Proficiency in Excel is required.

Advanced Financial Tools Part 1 (AM321VC)

Part 1 covers measures of property profitability and time value of money concepts (including NPV and IRR analysis), debt calculations and debt sizing considerations.  Participants will master a range of techniques to measure the profitability of multifamily real estate. You will learn to evaluate options for refinancing a property’s debt, and calculate debt service payments based on a given set of terms, as well as calculating the maximum debt a property can support.

Core Competencies that participants will be able to perform:

  • Perform analysis of multifamily property with a range of techniques, including ROI, ROE, NPV and IRR
  • Calculate the financial impact of debt refinancing on a multifamily property
  • Analyze options for debt restructure, and understand the process for implementing the refinance of a property
  • Identify and understand a property’s capital stack

Advanced Financial Tools Part 2 (AM322VC)

Part 2 focuses on LIHTC properties across the asset management life cycle. Building on profitability analysis skills introduced in Part 1, participants will explore the elements of financial return that investors are seeking in LIHTC properties. The class will deal with elements of troubleshooting during the compliance period (including such challenges as adjusters and the financial impact of noncompliance). Participants will explore the relationships between the different financing sources in the capital stack, and the implications for managing stakeholders during refinancing and other financial events. Finally, the class will dive into a range of Year 15 issues.

Core Competencies that participants will be able to perform:

  • Understand the elements of financial return to investors in a LIHTC project
  • Calculate the impact of tax credit adjusters and recapture penalties
  • Evaluate the stakeholder interests of funders, lenders and investors, and manage negotiations with these stakeholders through refinancing and other property life cycle events
  • Evaluate Year 15 options for LIHTC properties, and calculate exit tax liability for sponsors exercising purchase options or first refusal rights

Upcoming Classes

NeighborWorks Virtual Training Institute courses:

  • Advanced Financial Tools of Asset Management – Part 1 (AM321vc),  Thursday 5/16

Note: Advanced Financial Tools of Asset Management – Part 2 (AM322vc) will be starting June 20, 2024

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NeighborWorks Training Institute: Pittsburgh, PA:

  • Advanced Financial Tools (AM321), August 26-30, 2024

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CHAM started as an invaluable learning path to my career. I have been able to take what I learned from the curriculum to better the lives of those we serve. CHAM has been, and will continue to be, a great experience for me!

Janice Rausch

Asset Manager, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing