Learn from the best! Our colleagues offer a myriad of resources for asset management practitioners. You will find tools, templates, white papers, training, and facts and figures that will broaden your knowledge and provide new insights that will inform your work.

CHAM Partners

Enterprise Community Partners has built an extensive library of in-depth expertise, best practices, and research on asset management, affordable housing development, resident services, LIHTC, green building and much more.


LISC’s Resource center offers reports, case studies, primers and webinars; type in “asset management” in the search toolbar. The LISC Institute shares resources on how to turn cutting-edge community development ideas into action. Building on the experience of LISC’s network of partners and the broader field, they offer training, resources, and guidance on strategies that forge resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America.


The National Association of State and Local Equity Funds offers Best Practices Guidelines that are designed to lead to better quality tax credit projects, preserve and protect the interests of investors, and assure compliance with Internal Revenue Code.


NeighborWorks America offers a variety of housing and community development courses, including CHAM’s asset management courses. The NeighborWorks Media Center offers stories, blog posts with provocative perspectives on issues of the day, and both original research and summaries of the most relevant findings from the industry.

Affordable Housing Resources

Data, toolkits, templates, best practices and reports

The Consortium for Housing and Asset Management

Affordable Housing Training Opportunities

Build your skills and build your team in multiple housing and community development topics

Federal Housing Policy

Fuel your mission with the latest affordable housing policy news