What types of natural disasters are you prepared to handle? What is unique about the asset manager’s role? 

The Western United States dreads the undeniable fire season where dry weather conditions threaten homes and structures each year. This year has been extremely difficult with the dual disasters – wildfires and COVID-19. This webinar focused on the critical role asset managers play in handling natural disasters – mitigating risk and losses for their properties and protecting their residents. You will learn tips for dealing with natural disasters with a holistic approach, policies and procedures that work, approaches for communicating with partners and stakeholders, and resources to develop a plan.

We heard expert guidance from the perspectives of a property manager, asset manager, general partner and investor – with their first-hand accounts handling several types of crises, including devastating total losses. When disaster hit, their teams were ready to respond. They rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to get things done on behalf the residents, listened to their stories, provided hope and thought out of the box to address their needs. They picked up the phone and kept in regular contact with their partners, and were transparent and honest about the situation.

Why should you listen to the recording? Here is what one participant said: “This workshop was an IMPORTANT reminder for asset managers to ALWAYS look ahead. We make time for regular weekly meetings & to review financial reports on a regular basis, but we’ve GOT to make time to prepare for the emergency that will INEVITABLY come.”


Alicia Bramble

Asset Manager at Brilliant Corners, CEO at Opportunity Real Estate Services


Jason Acosta

Vice President of Asset Management, Foundation for Affordable Housing

Angela Cisneros

Divisional Vice President, Winn Residential

Laura Pishion

Vice President, Asset Management, National Equity Fund