The pandemic and its accompanying pressures on residents have resulted in a variety of property outcomes effecting the bottom line, from rent arrearages, eviction moratoriums, to longer than typical vacancies.

Our panelists have 18 months under their belts addressing these challenges and minimizing their losses. They share a variety of the most successful strategies that addressed both their financial and mission goals, including the ones they plan to repeat in 2022 and new ones they plan to initiate.

A sample of techniques include tiering rents, marketing vacancies virtually and maximizing opportunities presented by emergency rental relief programs. ​


Judy Weber

VIVA Consulting


Julianna Stuart

Vice President, Community Housing, Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)

Kayne Doumani

Principal, DAM Asset Management for Affordable Housing

Molly Eytcheson

Director of Asset Management
Common Bond Communities