The joint venture partnership is a great tool for asset managers when thinking about growing and preserving your portfolio. As in all relationships, the joint venture partnership is not for the faint of heart. Prospective partners need to be clear about their respective goals, opportunities, obligations, and rights. Check out this webinar to hear how experienced practitioners think about joint ventures, how they’ve navigated the negotiation and terms of the lasting agreements, and how the partnerships contribute to the growth of their organizations. Plus practical tips and guidance.



Brian Hsu

Goldstein Hall PLLC

Lisa Deller

Vice President, CHAM Board of Directors
Vice President, Asset Management,
National Equity Fund


Steven Kirk

Rural Neighborhoods

Harrison Rayford

Managing Member and Principal
Lemor Development Group LLC

Malcom Punter, Ed.D.

President and CEO
Harlem Congregations for Community
Improvement, Inc