Asset Management Specialist

The Asset Management Specialist is an intermediate-level designation concerning the fundamentals of asset management with an emphasis on overseeing property performance and fulfilling the owner’s goals. Mastering the basics of asset management equips you to manage the information exchange between development, property management and ownership.

What You Will Learn

  • Roles and responsibilities the asset manager plays through the life stages of a property
  • Property performance indicators
  • Basics of an affordable housing deal and importance of setting up deal books for each property
  • Components of property and portfolio asset management plans
  • How to apply real estate financial analysis tools to a property and identify options for improving financial performance


  • Analysts, asset managers, portfolio managers, especially people new to the field
  • Developers
  • Property managers
  • Individuals who supervise or oversee asset managers, such as executive directors, CEOs and CFOs

Learners could work at nonprofits, for-profits, housing agencies, syndicators, investors, lenders, Housing Finance Agencies and government.

It is recommended that learners have a basic understanding of affordable housing and a working knowledge of Excel.


This designation is obtained by successfully completing three courses:

Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management (AM121)
This class is available in person at the NeighborWorks Training Institute or onlineLearn key asset management concepts, theories, and responsibilities, and how they apply to real multifamily properties and portfolios. This course is a great orientation for staff new to asset management, board members, property managers, and executives who oversee asset management.

Asset Management Fundamentals (AM290)
Become grounded in the strategies of sound asset management through interactive exercises that develop skills and understanding about the practices of asset managers.

Financial Fundamentals for Asset Managers (AM291)
Master the basics of real estate financial analysis critical to the long-term success of multifamily properties and portfolios.

To earn the Asset Management Specialist designation, candidates need to pass the final exams
for each of the three courses.

How to Enroll

  • The Asset Management Specialist courses are usually available in-person three times a year at the NeighborWorks Training Institute. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, NeighborWorks has not yet decided when it will resume classes.
  • You can get started now by taking Nuts and Bolts online. The other two courses will be available online by Spring of 2021.
  • When taking the classes at the NeighborWorks Training Institute, the candidate will also need to submit a certification enrollment form. A $100 fee is required and covers both certification programs. Candidates will have three years to complete all coursework and pass the tests.
  • Online learners who take all three of the courses through HAI Group will automatically be enrolled in the certification program and will have the $100 fee waived. All three courses will be available by the Spring of 2021.

Look for all three Asset Management Specialist certification classes
to be available online by Spring 2021!

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