This asset management role is typically responsible for monitoring, reporting and helping to achieve property performance goals through analysis and due diligence.

A – General responsibilities, all sectors

  • Monitor, respond to Deal Book tickler items (e.g., real estate tax agreements, key dates).
  • Ensure timely receipt and accuracy of asset information collected and stored in the organization’s database and other reporting systems.
  • Prepare (or assist in the preparation of) monthly, quarterly, annual and special/periodic Board, senior management, investor, lender and regulatory agency reporting, as assigned.
  • Analyze/investigate monthly property budget-to-actual results by comparing them to proforma and key performance indicators (KPIs) established for each property.
  • Support annual property operating and capital budgeting processes.
  • Update assigned portfolio’s asset management dashboard, watchlist and other reports.
  • Develop and maintain cash flow and distribution projections.
  • Support the processes for reserve reimbursement and other capital project funding.
  • Analyze property leasing activities and conduct routine market and resident demographic analysis to routinely guide property marketing/leasing decisions.
  • Conduct periodic property physical and administrative reviews to evaluate property management, property marketability and market positioning, management plan conformance and physical condition.
  • Research and evaluate real estate market, economic and demographic data.
  • Assist with special projects and provide assistance to the asset management team as requested.


B – General qualifications, all sectors

  • Bachelor’s degree with coursework in real estate, finance, accounting, economics, business administration or related subjects
  • Two years relevant work experience, preferably in multifamily asset or property management.
  • High proficiency with common office software tools, such as spreadsheets, word processing and presentation tools (e.g. Excel, Word and PowerPoint, or the equivalent)
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and quickly develop facility with software commonly used in real estate and financial reporting, such as Yardi, MRI, RealPage, etc.
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills
  • Self-starter, detail-oriented, quick learner with strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation skills


C – Special responsibilities and qualifications by sector

  • Mission-based owners (for profit, nonprofit, public housing authorities)
    • Maintain compliance reporting tracker.
    • Provide requested documentation to lenders, tax credit partners, regulators.
    • Assist in preparation and maintenance of Property Information Summaries (e.g. Deal Books).
    • Ability to understand and research key documents (property audits, partnership documents, financing agreements, regulatory agreements, insurance coverages, tax returns, etc.)..
    • Ensure timely renewal of key rental and other subsidy contracts
    • Analyze, and communicate to property management, utility consumption data.
  • Affordable housing lender/regulator
    • Monitor loan payments.
    • Monitor/review property audits and other reports.
    • Review and approve disbursement of reserve and escrow requests.
    • Monitor compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Affordable housing syndicator/investor
    • Monitor and review project audits, tax returns and other regular reports.
    • Identify properties that pose performance or compliance risks.
    • Flag properties approaching Year 15 or other key milestones.