COVID-19 Asset Management – Strategic Responses


We have survived the initial onslaught of COVID-19 and the daily struggle to hold things together. Now we need to begin to think strategically. ONE Neighborhood Builders and REACH CDC shared how they are pivoting their asset management approaches to address COVID-19 stresses on properties, portfolios and residents. They highlighted their practices for collaboration, communication, partnerships […]

Asset Management Software – What to Know Before You Buy

This crisis has underscored the need for asset managers to have accurate and timely information about property and portfolio performance. But CHAM’s annual survey found that 40% of asset managers are using Excel and half are thinking about purchasing some kind of software. If you are one of these people, this webinar is for you. […]

The Asset Manager’s Role in Handling Natural Disasters

What types of natural disasters are you prepared to handle? What is unique about the asset manager's role?  The Western United States dreads the undeniable fire season where dry weather conditions threaten homes and structures each year. This year has been extremely difficult with the dual disasters - wildfires and COVID-19. This webinar focused on […]

Modern Love: Joint Ventures

The joint venture partnership is a great tool for asset managers when thinking about growing and preserving your portfolio. As in all relationships, the joint venture partnership is not for the faint of heart. Prospective partners need to be clear about their respective goals, opportunities, obligations, and rights. Check out this webinar to hear how […]

Amp Up Your Career! Professional Development for Asset Managers and Property Managers

Boost your career skills with virtual courses and certification programs. Highly effective affordable housing professionals have cross training on each other's roles, such as regulations and compliance, risk management, underwriting, LIHTC program, housing development, property management, HUD programs and more. This webinar highlights the many virtual programs available from leading providers: CHAM, NeighborWorks America, Nan […]

Property Management Oversight Through an Asset Management Lens

It has been said in housing asset management that it all comes back to the real estate.  While it is true that the real estate is the main focus, the property management of the asset is what often determines the success or failure of a real estate investment. This webinar examined property management through the […]

The Asset Manager’s Guide to Action Plans

Watch List properties are inevitable in the world of housing, but how you deal with those properties can help influence the success of your organization. One of the key pieces to help improve a watch list property is close oversight and a strong action plan.  At the CHAM webinar on January 13, 2021, expert advice […]

New Initiatives to Deter Year 15 Right of First Refusal Disputes

Asset management is, quite simply, achieving the owner’s goals. But what are our organizational goals in a world shaken by the pandemic and riven by inequity and injustice? Our traditional asset management infrastructure did not link our goals well. Our usual practice and measures such as data trending, projections, and analytics served financial outcomes but, […]

Healthy Affordable Housing: Bridging Research and Practice

Interested in fostering healthier housing environments? Looking for practical, evidence-based guidance and tools? This webinar will introduce you to Fitwel®, a building certification system that sets standards for design features and operational strategies that support the health of people living in multifamily residential properties. Joanna Frank (CFAD) described an extensive body of research connecting housing […]

Pandemic Income Losses Aren’t Over Yet!

The pandemic and its accompanying pressures on residents have resulted in a variety of property outcomes effecting the bottom line, from rent arrearages, eviction moratoriums, to longer than typical vacancies. Our panelists have 18 months under their belts addressing these challenges and minimizing their losses. They share a variety of the most successful strategies that […]

Housekeeping, Hoarding and Risk

This webinar addresses a situation that is challenging for both tenants and affordable housing providers. Poor housekeeping on a tenant's part can become a liability for a landlord. A unit that doesn't meet Housing Quality Standards can lose its subsidy, and resulting smells and vermin can cause adjacent tenants to take action against their landlord. […]