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Resident Services and Asset Management – Partnering for Resident Resiliency

  • August 12, 2020
  • Webinar

Resident Services and Asset Management - Partnering for Resident Resiliency

The role of resident services has shifted to meet the current crisis. We heard how affordable housing providers have rallied to address the impact of the pandemic on their residents’ health, financial stability, educational needs and emotional well-being – all with a lens of racial equity. The presenters shared resources, strategies and new ideas to help resident service providers and asset managers support their residents together during this crisis. They provided guidance on effective communications with residents, building trusting relationships, embracing data on outcomes and rent collections, connecting residents to resources, housing stability coaching, and more.

What is on the mind of asset managers, resident service coordinators and property managers in this difficult time? Unfortunately, our audience poll uncovered that that number of residents vulnerable for loss of housing was staggering– 56% said 20%; 36% said 20-40%; and 10% felt that more than 40% of their residents were at risk.

What is in our future?

  • Half the audience said their primary focus was eviction prevention now, and then in 2021 they would shift to more community engagement, internet connectivity and access to social and financial services.
  • Organizations are seeing the elevation of family stability across departments. This is an opportunity to disrupt historic silos in their organization’s resident services, asset management and property management. Teams are planning in real time at weekly leadership meetings rather than what will happen a year out.
  • Programming needs to be nimble and responsive to residents. Fundamentally housing providers are here to serve our residents. They need to drive our programming decisions.
  • Housing practitioners are taking the lead in initiating intentional conversations in an authentic way to name the problem, lifting up and being clear about the impact of the historic racial disparities we see in our communities. Only then can we figure out the partnerships and opportunities best solutions. We need to be collaborative but don’t take no for answer – go for a transformational approach when addressing resident needs.
  • Computer labs are obsolete and there is an imperative to bridge the digital divide for residents. Find out more about this topic in the webinar Digital Equity and Access in Affordable Housing

CHAM is truly appreciative of the opportunity to present this webinar in partnership with the NeighborWorks America’s Resident Services Convening.

Presentation Slides

USI - Centering Families During a Pandemic White Paper

Morgan Stanley - How Private Equity Can Help Low Income Communities 

CORES - Resident Services Resource Library

Webinar Recording



Donovan Duncan
Executive Vice President
Urban Strategies


Alexandra Nassau-Brownstone
Director, Resident Outcomes and CORES
Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future


Elizabeth González Suárez
Vice President of Community Life
The Community Builders

Joan Tally
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley Community Development Finance


Harold Nassau
Senior Director for Asset Management
NeighborWorks America

CHAM Host:

Melissa Baker
Portfolio Asset Manager
Reach CDC

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