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Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management available online now!

Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management is an interactive and engaging workshop designed for housing practitioners and board members.  The course includes an overview of key property asset management concepts, theories and responsibilities, including:

  • The double bottom line concept of affordable housing ownership – the theory of steering properties toward both business and mission-based goals and outcomes. 
  • Key asset management functions and responsibilities through the life stages of property – planning, construction, lease up, operations and disposition – with a focus on the critical interrelationship between these stages. 
  • Basic number-crunching of key property performance indicators designed to increase understanding of these indicators, as well as their relationship to financial and operational health and long-term viability. This includes revenue, occupancy, expense and financial ratios as well as trend projection analysis. 
  • Training on the review and analysis of property financial reports and property/partnership audits as well as best practices for tracking, measuring and assessing progress toward key operational and financial performance. 

Instructors:  Jack Geary, Jack Geary Consulting; Juana D. Mejia, JDM Consulting Services

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the relationship between the various life stages of an affordable property and how an owner’s actions make an impact.
  • Apply the concept of asset management, double bottom line management, and examine the differences between property management and asset management.
  • Identify the key elements of predevelopment planning, including basic real estate development planning assumptions, project feasibility, and underwriting tools.
  • Examine key performance measurements such as vacancy rates, debt service coverage ratios, and trend analysis.
  • Recall how to use performance measurements and standards to strengthen property management oversight and plan for success.
  • Examine an overview of Low Income Housing Tax Credits.
  • Evaluate financial reports and audits, and understand how to use the information to help manage.
  • Apply best practices in developing internal and external reporting systems that keep the Board and senior staff informed while also motivating staff toward outcome-based management.
  • Examine the importance of completing, utilizing, and updating a Capital Needs Assessment (CNA).

Audience: This course is a great orientation to the subject and is perfect for new employees, board members, people with new asset management duties, property managers, and executives who supervise asset management. 

Valuable on its own, Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management is also the first of three courses required to earn

a career-changing Asset Management Specialist designation.

Definitely time well spent.

How to Enroll

Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management is available both in person at the NeighborWorks Training Institute (NTI) and online through HAI Group. 

See the in-person training information on the NeighborWorks America website. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, NeighborWorks has not yet decided when classes will resume.

But you can get started now by taking Nuts and Bolts online. 

The online course is estimated to take 11 hours, including the test. The cost is $399 a person. Enrollment is a two-part process:
  1. Join CHAM as a free Basic Member. By being a CHAM member, you will also have access to an exclusive catalog of free online classes from HAI Group.
  2. Set up your HAI Group account. You will automatically be directed to sign up for an HAI Group account and create your profile. You will need your 8-digit CHAM membership number to complete the process. For security reasons, it will take one business day to activate your account. Upon your next log in, you will be directed to the CHAM Member Portal where you will be able to register for Nuts and Bolts and have access to the free courses.

Please note - You do not need to be a member of CHAM to enroll. You may skip that step and sign up directly with HAI Group without a membership number. However, CHAM membership is required to access the free online courses.

Step 1: CHAM Membership

Step 2: HAI Group Account Set Up

Look for all three Asset Management Specialist certification classes
to be available online by Spring 2021!

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